1.00 - Sweet Night

Title of Extra Story #1 (or Holy Night, according to Wikipedia) - Japanese original title: Seiyakyoku
[Cover title: Makaku and Gally]
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This side story takes place five years before the start of the main story. Ido, recently expelled from the floating city of Tiphares, has taken to working as a hunter-warrior to make ends meet. One cold Christmas night (which only Tiphareans seem to now observe), Ido rescues a young woman from a hulking robot and takes her home. This leads him to getting kicked out onto the streets by the woman he is staying with. Ido decides to name the mysterious woman Carol, after the Christmas carol, and discovers she has almost complete amnesia and can barely remember how to speak. He and Carol are sheltered by Gonzu, who takes them in out of gratitude for Ido having previously saved his life.

Gonzu puts Ido in touch with the veteran cyberphysician Gauss, under whom Ido serves his apprenticeship for six months. However, used to working with humans, he is unable to empathize working with cyborgs during this time, who comprise the bulk of The Scrapyard’s population. Depressed after learning from Gauss that he will not succeed as a cyberphysician otherwise, he is discovered by a fellow Tipharean doctor, Dedekind. Dedekind specializes in transplanting regrown human limbs to replace the cyborgy limbs of his clients, and Ido serves under him for six months at his island mansion/clinic. During this time, Carol matures emotionally and intellectually at an exponential rate, becoming fully articulate and learning how to beat Gonzu at chess. Ido’s feelings for her also deepen during this time.

After six months, he accepts Dedekind’s offer to become his assistant. The same day, though, Carol is kidnapped by the same robot she had fled from a year ago. After she manages to contact Ido, he realizes that she is at Dedekind’s mansion. There Ido confronts Dedekind, and to save Carol from the robot which comes after her, damages it with his rocket hammer. Reunited with Carol, he suddenly realizes that something about her is wrong. Dedekind reveals that Pakila, one of his clients, had an accident serious enough to damage all of her vital organs except for her brain. Rendered a complete cyborg, she had Dedekind create a clone of her body using her brain cells. The clone however escaped and was rescued by Ido, leaving Pakila trapped in her cyborgy body for a year. After kidnapping Carol, her brain was transplanted into Carol’s body and Carol’s into that of the robot. Her attitude and personality clash with the Carol that Ido has come to know, and she tries to finish off the damaged robot that now houses Carol’s brain. However the attempt goes awry, killing Dedekind and hitting a gas pipe in his mansion that sets the whole structure ablaze. As Pakila is killed in the fire, Ido is saved by the robot, which shelters him from falling debris and sets him adrift in a boat as Dedekind’s mansion is destroyed. Having sustained fatal damage, the robot too is destroyed.

Ido returns to Gauss a changed man, enabling him to eventually set up his own practice and clinic featured in the main Battle Angel Alita story.

The cover:
Software: ShadeR2, Photoshop

This is an illustration for a cover of Gunnm complete edition volume 1.
It was also used as pamphlets for promotion of Shade Debut for WINDOWS.

Picture that Gally is having a seat happily on arm of Makaku. They are developing the fierce fight in the story.

This is a picture that is called alias Arm ride Gally. At first, it was scheduled that the color of Gally’s suit would be made black, according to the original. I formed Gally’s body in 3DCG modeling. And, to confirm the appearance of the texture, the body was set to a bright color. Then, I began to think that the colors other than black were also good-looking. I made the version of a blue suit and the version of a red suit by way of experiment. Consequently, because a red suit had made a fine show, I adopted it.

Moreover, the following works were done with Photoshop. Erase the edge of an unnatural model. Parts of model are slightly shaded off, and the retouch such as putting out depth to the surface of subject artificially is done.
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