1.02 - Tears of an Angel

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision, volume 2.
The original Japanese edition is entitled Iron Maiden.
Alita fights Megil the pharmacist, a dope slinger who created the lycanthropazine, a drug which causes the psyche to regress, bringing out the bestial attack instinct. So strong is the belief that one has become a beast that the body can transform, bringing out latent capabilities to their limits. Thus Alita has to face a werewolf.

Hugo is a young boy who dreams about reaching Tiphares, repeating the aspirations his old brother had. He has been saving money like crazy in order to pay Vector, who promised him access to the midair city. In order to pay for the voyage, he makes a living regulating windmills and collecting spines from dead bodies… or from some people else.

Daisuke and Gonzu realize that Alita has fallen in love with venturesome Hugo. Meantime, Zapan has decided to blemish Alita’s image in the community, starting with Hugo.

Alita comprehends that Vector is not a trustworthy man.
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