1.03 - Killing Angel

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision, volume 3.
The title is the same in Japanese original edition.
One month after Hugo’s débâcle, Daisuke is still looking for his protégée Alita when he finds a naïve and innocent (an honest definition would be stupid) girl about to be raped by malefactors. The hunter-warrior inclemently wallops the criminals and becomes friends with the frail Shumira, whom he will soon learn is sister of the great champion of motorball - Jashugan. Shumira also takes Daisuke to motorball, allowing him to find out that his protégée has become a competitor in that sort of sport.

Alita integrates Esdoc Motors, a team run by a former competitor, and sponsored by The Trench Bloom Waste Reclamation Company, represented by Thompson. In order to preserve her number in an upper division, Alita has to overpower Ajakutty, who has crashed over two hundred players.

Alita and Daisuke come together with each other, but pretend to be unfamiliar.
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