1.04 - Angel of Victory

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision, volume 4.
The original Japanese edition is entitled Ars Magna.
It is motorball. Alita competes in Gregory Circuit, facing Armblessed and his truthless copartners.

Daisuke tells Jashugan everything about the discovery of Alita’s remains in the junkyard and how he has been looking for her since her disappearance.

Daisuke learns that the motorball champion is seriously injured. Actually, he suffered some cerebral damage some time ago, being saved by a strange cyberphysician named Desty Nova. The extremely ingenious scientist left without any sort of payment. Jashugan makes clear that Nova also had a sign like Ido’s on his forehead, characterizing him as a Tipharean citizen.

After been lamed by Zafal Takié, Alita raves about a gigantic red mountain, probably her homeland.

Daisuke and Alita talk about their previous life. Daisuke expresses that she is the only family he has.

Combating Jashugan, Alita raves again about the red land and she sees an old master who calls her Yoko and refers to several fighting techniques with German names.
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