1.04b - The Sonic Finger

An adversary classified in the same level of Makaku, a mystery in The Scrapyard.
[Extra story #3, also its title]
[Cover title: Killing Angel]
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The side story takes place after Alita’s fight with the motorball champion Jashugan and her retirement from motorball. An unnamed man in a bar watching Alita and Jashugan fight on TV sets his beer bottle rapidly spinning on its base with one hand before finishing it off. After the conclusion of the fight, he leaves the bar, later going to the Western Sector of The Scrapyard. Three months later, Alita is shot in the head by a sniper while out on morning exercises, but survives. A group of hunter-warriors led by Teito band together to hunt the sniper down. Alita, fully recovered and out exercising, is invited by a man working for a Factory disposal unit to have tea with him. She does not stay long, but borrows a book from his well-stocked library.

With the assistance of the investigator known as Nose and the informant Walrom, the hunter-warriors discover that the likely suspect is a hardened criminal known as The Sonic Finger. The Sonic Finger was active in the Western Sector of The Scrapyard, where he killed 37 out of his 43 victims, including the hunter-warrior Macheko. Information on him is sparse and there is no Factory bounty on him, but Alita figures out who the likely culprit is. She sends the man whom she had tea with an invitation to fight when she returns his book, which he accepts. After writing up his will, The Sonic Finger equips his specialized cyborgy arms and sets off.

At an abandoned Scrapyard factory, the other hunter-warriors are lying in wait for The Sonic Finger as part of Alita’s plan. He makes his appearance soon enough, and despite their best efforts, manages to take down in order, Beck, Blu, Tank-man, Skull, and Teito. Facing Alita alone on top of a high section of factory pipe, The Sonic Finger uses his best techniques on her, but is quickly defeated, falling to his death.

The cover:
Software: ShadeR2, Photoshop

This is an illustration for a cover of Gunnm complete edition volume 3.
The model of one volume and two volumes before this work only put the image in which the highlight was written on the eyeball. (Feel it as a Barbie doll-like image.) I tried to make the model completely in these three volumes. Therefore, the eyeball was made a real structure with an iris and a transparent lens.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply the light as well as the real thing and to produce the highlight of eyes. I made interiors of eyes shine in red, and expressed Red eye phenomenon in the photograph. To put out this phenomenon, the parameter of luminescence was added to the surface in the eyeball material.

Only the screen of the motorball body was made because it took too much time.

I did the course of Gally and the background and the rendering was done separately. And I synthesized the movement and shading off by using Photoshop. The part where the braid shone was applied by Photoshop and added.
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