1.05 - Angel of Redemption

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision, volume 5.
The original Japanese edition is entitled Lost Sheep.
Zapan is living under the shelter of Sara, a social worker who is also his lover. Driven out of his mind after seeing Alita on TV, he accidentally kills his bountiful girlfriend, attracting her father’s fury.

Alita has left motorball and now is a singer in Kansas Bar, attracting applauses from the habitués. Receiving a letter from Umba, she is informed that Ed had sold the berserker body to Desty Nova. Daisuke goes after the cyberphysician.

Meantime, a moonstricken Zapan is carrying Sara’s head in formalin while looking for Alita.

There is a new customer in Kansas: Murdock, Sara’s father. He looks for Zapan, commanding four mechanical bloodhounds: Valor, Glory, Fury and Hubris.

Meeting Desty Nova, Daisuke Ido also meets an amphitheater of nightmares. The scientist is a genius, indeed, but is also completely insane. Daisuke dies in Nova’s laboratory, and the scientist accouters Zapan with the berserker body.

Alita becomes a scapegoat (the way Kishiro adapts this biblical reference to his work is simply brilliant).
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