1.06 - Angel of Death

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision, volume 6.
The original Japanese edition is entitled Rain Maker.
Alita is interrogated by Deckman 10 about the gun she used against Zapan. The Factory’s strict code is radically interpreted and, despite having saved The Scrapyard, the cyborg is accused of committing an A-class crime. In an electronically induced dream, Chief Bigott negotiates with her, making her an agent of Tiphares on the surface. Alita accepts when she is informed that her target will be… Desty Nova.

In the outskirts of The Scrapyard, The Factory Railroad hires mercenaries to protect the trains against the Barjack, a rebel group headed by the cyborg-centaur Den. Among the applicants we will meet an untamable figure, suitably named Figure Four, who will soon be friends with Yolg, the personification of cowardice.

The train is guarded by a tuned agent named A-1, erst known as Alita. The train is attacked by the Barjack, but the ruffians are annihilated by the tuned agent. Among them is Knucklehead (what a name!), who is captured so Alita will be able to collect  information about Den. Unfortunately, Knucklehead will run away and join forces with Colonel Bozzle, a Barjack infantry commander.

Alita is captured, but she is then absurdly released by Knucklehead himself, who boycotts Bozzle’s equipment. His aim is clear: he wants to kill Alita, hauling her to the desert. Figure Four rescues her, and then rescuer and rescued are alone on the sand. They are about to die of heat and exhaustion, but then… the miracle of the fish takes place. Poetic conclusion!
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