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Title of Extra Story #4 (according to Wikipedia) - Japanese original title: Furusato
[Cover title: Gally in the tube]
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This story takes place during Alita’s days as a tuned agent working for Tiphares before she encounters Figure Four. Deckman 50, the sole survivor of an attack on a Factory convoy, sets off in search of water across the desert in response to a dying guard’s plea. Alita, lying half buried in the sand, is given the mission to terminate him by Chief Bigott. On her way, she takes great delight in killing various forms of desert life which she comes across.

Deckman 50 eventually reaches the sea, where he becomes the center of attention of a group of children from a nearby fishing village. Alita has him in the sights of a sniper rifle, but does not shoot because of the children. When night falls and Deckman 50 is left alone, he is shot.

The cover:
Software: ShadeR2, Photoshop

This is an illustration for a cover of Gunnm complete edition volume 4.
Originally, it was scheduled that the cover of volume 4 was made Kansas Hunter Club for 3DCG. However, because the production days were few, I abandoned it. After all, I made it from an image near the cover picture of five volumes of the original books by the last resort. I wanted to do water green under the illustration to translucent impurity water. However, I gave it up because I had not done the feat of attenuating the transparency by Shade at that time.
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