1.07 - Angel of Chaos

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision, volume 7.
The original Japanese edition is entitled Panzer Bride.
In Tiphares, the Ground Investigation Bureau, also known as GIB, an office that controls the tuned agents and also takes decisions about the connections between Tiphares and The Scrapyard, receives its new operator, Lou Collins, who will be responsible for monitoring Alita’s work. Although initially Lou does not seem to be quick-witted, we soon learn that the girl did not become a GIB operator accidentally. She soon becomes friends with Alita, whom she sees as an especial creature.

Alita faces and annihilates a group of ninjas, terrifying Lou with such a lethal fury. The ninjas are directly linked to Desty Nova, who challenges Alita to subdue Den, the leader of Barjack.

Alita faces a gang attacking a caravan on the road, transporting a very especial hitchhiker: Koyomi. The girl had defeated the gangsters playing dice, but the only thing she wants is to meet her idol: the broadcaster Kaos.

More than a broadcaster, Kaos dominates psychometry, the ability to deduce facts about events by touching objects related to them. Thus, he is able to find out that Alita was erstwhile Yoko, and he does not like what he can read. But the fact is that the psychic is in love.

Surprisingly, Kaos is frailer than a defenseless child against Alita, but brave enough to face the centaur Den. The leader of Barjack manifests his plan: to pull Tiphares down. Dressing a wedding gown that Kaos made by hand, Alita is the only opponent up to face him. Aided by Support system Gabriel, a remote-controlled unmanned ion craft, she defeats the giant but has now a new enemy: the untamable Koyomi.

A strange tie between Kaos and Den is revealed.
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