1.08 - Fallen Angel

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision,volume 8.
The original Japanese edition is entitled War Chronicle.
Alita encounters Daisuke in a village, but her former protector does not seem to identify her. In an old video, he says that he erased his memory after being told about the secret of Tiphares.

Going after Desty Nova, Alita has to face a strange and powerful opponent: a double of herself, named A-2, or Zwei, who attacks her with an exterminatory fury, and Lou Collins starts a one-woman rebellion in the GIB to detain the killing replica, being after that removed from the Ground Investigation Bureau by Chief Bigott.

Kaos arrives at Granite Inn, his father’s refuge. The place is the address of nightmare and craziness.

Den’s plan to overthrow Tiphares results in complete failure, and Koyomi meets Buick, a photographer (and also a psychopath) who introduces her to the world of photography.

Another replica is introduced: A-10, or Zehn, wearing solid wings. Her mission is to exterminate Barjack.

In Granite Inn, Alita is confronted with her most scaring fears, being immersed in a series of induced nightmares conducted by Desty Nova.
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