1.09 - Angel’s Ascension

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Hyper Future Vision, volume 9.
The original Japanese edition is entitled Conquest.
Desty Nova finally reveals the secret of Tiphares, a malison able to drive people into insanity, and Chief Bigott is the next victim. Bigott and all the workers in the Ground Inspection Bureau are “purified” by the Medical Inspection Bureau.

Nova succeeds in reconducting Alita into the ouroboros program, thus restarting the induced dreams. This time he also enters the trance and becomes Alita’s protector. In his hallucinated fantasy, Nova has to fight a projection of Kaos. For a brief instant, he feels what is to be a hero, but the dream ends abruptly and he is brought back to woken world, together with Alita. He appraises the just-lived experience, but Alita beheads him.

Den has to face a projection of Kaos, able to detain him once for all. The cyborg-centaur dies having Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana as soundtrack That sounds like a freakish version of a swan song.

Kaos receives the project of The Tower of Tiphares, a 2,500m structure planned to connect the midair city to the surface, developed by Lou Collins.

Crossing the mountains during the night, Alita sees a baby in the middle of the road and has to stop in order to succor the child. Actually, the child is a robot-bomb, and it explodes, taking the warrior with it.

To all intents and purposes, the story ends here, and all the later events are no longer valid since the advent of Last Order.

In this first conclusion of the story, Alita, while dying, recalls herself as Yoko, a Martian terrorist in a spaceship while her comrades narrate atrocities committed in the name of revolution. Her body explodes when she is launched into space, and she falls to terrestrial atmosphere. When she comes to, she finds herself in Tiphares after being resurrected by Desty Nova.

We are also introduced to the first personification of Melchizedek, the supercomputer that controls everything in Tiphares, as an old lady knitting the fate of mankind while she explains what happened after the destruction of civilization as we know it. She details principles of eugenics that infuriate Nova, who wants to know exactly what Tiphares is. He orders his nanobots to destroy the supercomputer. Before that, the old lady suicides and the structure starts to collapse.

Alita has to inject an especial product prepared by Nova to stop the destruction, dying once again. She will be rescued by Figure Four when he finds a sprout housing a fleshy Alita. Her physical body had been reconstructed by Desty Nova before he maddened once for all.
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