2.01 - Angel Reborn

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 1.
[Cover title: Gally, Vertical Fist]

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An explosion occurs and a cyborgy little girl is kicked by a military boot. The scenery is named The Rusty Wilderness, a place where, probably due to the presence of blood, the sand tastes like rusty iron. The infant cyborg is forced to cross a minefield towards the wreckage of a spaceship.

As the defenseless child has no conditions to go ahead, one of the militaries decides to execute the girl, being intercepted by another girl, just a little older than the cyborg, who plans to help the helpless infant on her way to the destroyed ship. Here we learn that the young heroine (who is already mutilated, probably due to abuses committed by the unsavory characters) is Erica, and the cyborg is Yoko. We finally start to know the origins of the main persona in this piece.

The girls are tired and hopeless when Erica points to the double-satellited sky (and we learn that the scene takes place on Mars), saying that after her death, in Heaven, she will ask God to bring the celestial bodies on the militaries. Such militaries are probably members of a revolutionary group on Mars. We will learn later that Mars Front der Befreien and Mars Republik Heer assemble that sort of miscreants. An avenger angel descends from the skies, fulminating the militaries and rescuing the girls. That is Gerda, the first member of Panzer Kunst whom Yoko ever met.

After the remains of Alita’s brain, Desty Nova is reconstructing the indomitable warrior whom had died because of the decoy he himself had created on the surface. Nova categorizes Alita as the strongest warrior ever, and shocks his young assistant, Jim Roscoe, when he says that Alita is responsible for his previous death. The cyberphysician accouters Alita with the Imaginos body.

After the secret of Tiphares is made public, chaos and insurrection take the midair city. Brained adolescents and brainless adults start a bloodthirsty conflict.

Sechs, a thund, is introduced. Her goal is to destroy the original. Watching the combat, Desty Nova is accompanied by two other thunds: Elf and Zwölf. Nova carries a box that contains the most precious thing on Earth.

The cover:
Software: Photoshop5.02 & Painter6.0

This is the illustration for the pinup of Ultra Jump December 2000. It is also used as the cover of Gunnm Last Order volume 1.

I rarely can draw without considering the space for the title. Thinking of Raifa, I tried to make a composition that would have a direct impact and a deep and dynamic motion. To explain Gally’s pose, at the same time she catches the enemy’s punch in her left palm, she steps forward and hits her right vertical fist into the enemy’s flank or oxter.

As to the technique, it is the same as Gally for the cover. But usage of watercolor-brush was reduced and almost all of her overcoat and body were painted by paster. I drew the character and background separately and composed them by Photoshop. Shadows on pipes were made by Photoshop lever-control. I wavered over Gally’s body color, and decided for red-copper.
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