2.02 - Angel of the Innocents

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 2.
[Cover title: Air Hole]
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The insurrection in Tiphares is out of control. There is no government, there is no order. Batty Jim Roscoe commands the brained youth, while his father, Casey Roscoe, completely nutty, leads the brainless adults to exterminate everyone who has organic brains.

Jim Roscoe dies, but his creation, a gigantic robot named Sachumodo, has the mission of exterminating the adults.

In the center of the storm, Alita learns how to actuate the especial resources of her Imaginos body.

Alita has only one goal: to find Lou Collins’ brain.

In The Scrapyard, Koyomi encounters a cadger who erst used to be Deejay Kaos. The pauper has a woodblock putting his left arm out of action and marking him as Vector’s property. Koyomi takes the disc jockey home and feeds him.

Kaos goes after Vector. They have accounts to settle.

The cover:
Software: Photoshop6.0 & Painter6.0

This is the illustration for the cover of Gunnm Last Order vol.2.
The concept of the illustration of Gunnm is a naturalistic composition. Differently from Aqua Knight illustrations, I do not use collage out of perspective. One exception is Scrap Heaven, but it was only a desperate solution to cover low PC spec. It tends to be a one-man show of Gally, so it needs great effort to make variations of illustrations.

In Gunnm Last Order, the stage is the future city of Salem. To express it, mere beautiful skyscrapers and shopping malls are only boresome. After considerations, I decided to draw the Gally who broke the outer wall of Salem and looked back. The title Air Hole means destruction of Salem control system. The distant view of beautiful clouds is the symbol of freedom, but for wingless humans it also means death.

These metaphors in titles and perspectives are characteristic in Gunnm illustrations.
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