2.02b - Bashaku Ando

Title of Gunnm, Another Story. [Bashaku Ondo, according to Wikipedia]
[Cover title: Barjack Girl]
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This is the first side story set in the Last Order continuity and focuses on Koyomi, who is trying to earn a living as a photographer but without much success after breaking the scoop on the deal struck between Kaos and Vector to build the Tower of Tiphares. Following a tip that Den has reemerged and has been ambushing supply convoys bound for The Scrapyard, she journeys into the wasteland with a convoy in search of Den. The convoy she is with is attacked by Den, but he does not recognize Koyomi, who is injured. She is rescued and cared for by an old eccentric named Geriperi, who lives near Farm 3. A week later, Geriperi is apparently killed and Koyomi discovers that Eakins, the head of Farm 3, is responsible for the convoy attacks by using a remote-controlled body of Den. Agreeing to help him with his plan to revive the Barjack for her own reasons, at the revival a large number of Barjack witness a duel starring a second Den, who challenges the first and defeats him. As he disappears after ordering the Barjack to assist with constructing the Tower of Tiphares, Koyomi begins to find a purpose in life.

Note.: The original Japanese cover brings Gunnm: Another Stories. Either it is bad English, simply, or I was unable to understand the pun.

The Cover:
Software: Corel Painter IX.5, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Shade9

Because a cowgirl figure of Koyomi was unexpectedly cute, I decided to make it such a motif and composition last year. (It is probably a digression, but the cowgirl figure of Koyomi witnessed that of a primary schoolchild girl put on a cowboy hat in a child program on television that I accidentally watched in the early morning). As the form was complicated and could not grasp a good enough form only with a photograph document, the cowboy hat purchased the real thing by a mail order, and the preparation should have been everything.

I smoothly managed  to reach Koyomi’s main body  to a pen case. However, I did not think properly about what I would do to as a background. I did it on the floor and intended to easily finish it first, but I am considerably low and must take the position of the camera in order that there is the position of the hat to properly show the expression of her eyes, and then the horizon enters the screen and there is a hard time to process the background. It was not necessary to draw the horizon if she leant against a wall, but then a feeling of confinement came on screen. As I wanted to make it the painting like an opening, and it was bright, I did not want to picture the wall.

I thought that I would thoroughly suffer if I had difficulties in the background and did it in the composition that sat on the front desk of the armored car of Barjack after all.

As to the base of the Barjack armored car to appear during a drama, the style of American cars of early stage of Buick became the model in 1950’s. The American cars of this time idly overflowed in a dream  and I did like it. As it was hard to picture the delicate curve of the front desk in a symmetry with a perspective, I purchased a 1951 model Hudson Hornets of the 3DCG model by download sale.

I decided an angle of view in Shade and made rendering and assumed it the template of the draft. By the way, the American cars of the fifties are unexpectedly small. The Barjack armored car has 1.5 times the original size.

I painted Koyomi with a digital picture in watercolors brush of Painter.

As the time was short, the sky and the background used the thing that processed the photograph of the U.S.A. Middle Western district of the material collection.
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