2.03 - Angel Eternal

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 3.
[Cover title: March of Robots Queen]
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Desty Nova and his retinue, composed by Alita, Sechs, Elf, Zwölf and Deckman 100, take the orbital elevator, going to Ketheres. In the space city, they are received by Aga Mbadi, who had been waiting for the great geneticist. Mbadi captures Nova, throwing his retinue into space.

Alita and her comrades are saved by Ping Wu, an old Mbadi’s antagonist, and taken to Robo-Asyl, being disapproved by Landa Namnan, the king of the land of robots.

Ping Wu shows Alita the incubator block, a gigantic structure where the brains taken from Tiphareans are stored. Lou Collins’ will certainly be there. In order to enter the core, Ping Wu instructs Alita and her friends to enter the Z.O.T. Tournament.

The Ladder meets, and we meet delegates from République Vénus (an anthropophagous society), Jupiter System Union (composed by cyborgs kindred more  to robots than to humans) and the Earth Orbitary Federation. Queen Limeira, representative of Mars Kingdom Parliament, is received by Mbadi, under protests of Jovians and Venusians.

Zazie, Queen Limeira’s bodyguard, and Alita fight each other in space.

Rem Ray, Ping Wu’s old love, and Martin Tsang, erst his friend, enter the story.

The cover:
Software: Photoshop7.0, Painter7.1

This is the cover illustration for Gunnm Last Order volume 3.
In the story, Gally opposes the mood of a robot in Robo-Asyl. I drew a picture in which they amicably march together. As I had planned the composition of a picture at this work, I did not wonder how to draw it. As I had feared, it took prolonged effort and resulted in a substantial delay in the plans. This time I used mainly the Tint Brush that a new version of Painter 7.1 substituted for existing Digital Watercolors. I used grisaille techniques, shaded objects without Gally’s face. Next, I switched to Photoshop, used selection tool to draw approximate selections, and opened the hue/saturation dialog box, slid the hue slider to change the color, and used the saturation to adjust color intensity. It is a useful technique to drawing solid objects. There is no need to care of the color-code. And I created a new layer of her aura with Photoshop’s filter effect. Finally, I blended the layers.
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