2.04 - Angel of Protest

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 4.
[Cover title: Bullet Wound]
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In Leviathan I, a young boy carrying a teddy bear is pursued by cyborgs, being protected by Alita and Sechs. Alita takes the boy to the Adminipolice. That mistake will cost the boy’s life, as the Adminipolice will simply send him back the to Juvenile Infantry School. The boy, as many others, will die in the battlefield, being a living target for shooting practicing. Colonel Payne, responsible for capturing children and taking them to death, is killed by Zazie and Alita. After that, his ghost, a personification of Jungian shadow, will haunt Alita.

Combat TV starts transmitting the Z.O.T. Tournament. Among others, Toji enters the stage.

The cover:
Software: Photoshop7.0, Painter7.1.

This illustration is the cover of Gunnm Last Order volume 4.
I made a very simple composition because I was feeling down, although I had enough time to draw a picture when I was absent from the series. I was depressed, and I’m not sure why, but it was because Bush Jr. started the war against Iraq in my birthday.

By Bullet Wound I mean the thing of the wound that catches a bullet and takes place. Gally has no gunshot wound in the story. I dared to draw it, trying to express the emotional wound at the bottom of her heart.

I wondered the best of the color of the blood that runs down from the wound. What color body fluid does it flow to imaginos body? When I thought of the liquid that contains the nanomachine, the light reflects irregularly, and it would appear to me that it is white. The body liquid of an android that appears in the movie Alien is white, but it lacks an impact as a picture even if it is suitable from the viewpoint of science research. So, I tried to paint it green, but it resulted obtrusive, and I painted it purple with a comparative impunity.
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