2.05 - Haunted Angel

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 5.
[Cover title: Let the Battle Begin!]
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Sechs receives a new body, a male one, the fizziroy body, equivalent to Imaginos.

Sechs, Elf and Zwölf start combating in Z.O.T. Tournament, naming their team Space Angels. To Alita and Ping Wu, that is only a diversion, as they are going after Lou Collins’ brain.

Caerula Sanguis, the powerful chairman of The Stellar Nursery Society, enters the stage. Her society protects children from anthropophagites and other monstrosities, but she herself is a vampire whom even Aga Mbadi fears. Actually, everyone in the society is powerful and slippery, even the apparently frail nurse Saya, who will observe no limits to defend her protégés.

If Alita is using the tournament as a diversion to locate her friend’s brain, Caerula is also using the event as a diversion, but just to escape with a ship full of children, in search of a new home.

Caerula Sanguis tells Saya that the Z.O.T. Tournament is a travesty of competition. The winners are previously decided. Thus, she is aware that The Stellar Nursery Society has no chance at all.

Alita and Qu Tsang fight.

The cover:
Software: Photoshop7.0, Painter8

This illustration was created for the cover of Gunnm Last Order volume 5.
Production date was specified 19 January 2004, but actually it was almost completed in November 2003. After New Year, I changed the light effect and I added new texture for the Titan blade. Throughout 2003, the production of color illustration became like a boring routine, as my emotions were blue at the time.

I thought: I want to change the movement; and I tried a different way. This is the first time, in the history of Gunnm (apart from the novel version) that I have introduced a new character by way of the front cover, I felt it appropriate, as this fifth volume presents Sechs.

I drew it with pencil and then scanned it, so as to preserve the texture of the hand drawn lines and also the feeling of the moment. Usually, the color is layered under the scanned line drawing. This is also the case with volume 5, but with the addition of a color layer on top of the line drawing. This top layer has reduced opacity to allow the line scan to permeate through. I also partly painted on the line layer to give the feeling of a graduated water color. The sand in the lower part of picture was created using Painter, set on large particle and then partially used. The building in the distance and the Titan blade were made from rendering the image with exact perspective 3DCG, using this as a template to hand trace.

The figure of Sechs, the exploding sand and the building in the distance are all in 3 separate layers. After adding color using Painter, I used Photoshop to compound a light screen between front and back. At first, I imagined the Titan blade with no texture, until I saw comments on the Gunnm BBS about an electrically colored Titan blade. Influenced by this, I used the crystallization of photographic material.
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