2.11 - Angel Cake

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 11.
[Cover title: Water of Styx]
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Zenith of the Things Tournament. The Space Karate Allies face Anomaly, defined as the libido beast, armed with a gigantic penis. When knowing that the monster comes from Mercury, a dead planet, Mbadi concludes that a species evolved by itself in the nanomachine ocean. Inclemently, Zekka defeats the creature sticking a beer bottle in his urethra.

Super Nova invades Combat TV studio to inform that Alita, the indomitable warrior, is dead.

Aga Mbadi narrates what happened in the 2nd ZOTT, when Zekka and Don Fua fought, provoking a dreadful aftershock that spread down the space elevator, snapping one of the suspension tubes. The contenders had to retire, but Zekka found Don Fua on a Buddha-head planet, killing him.

Yani informs that Zekka wears a fizziroy body as well.

Major Tikhonov 727, Jovian team manager, introduces his new soldier in ZOTT: Warman 609. Its first form, Übernaut, is completely destroyed by Sechs.The second form, Vaina Barietsu, is contaminated by berserker cells shot by Sechs’ ally, Zazie; the creature explodes. Its third and final form is Tunguska, a next generation infantryman prototype, terrifying Sechs and Zazie.

Deckman 100 throws Alita’s brainchip to Sechs, and the piece is collected by Tunguska. Like an overpotent virus, Alita takes control of the powerful structure, reconstructing her body and crushing Tunguska from the inside.

The cover:
Software: CorelPainterX & AdobePhotoShopCS2
Hardware: PowerMacG52GHz dual, 6GB memory, Intuos3PTZ-630, MacOSX tiger

I had originally drawn this for covers of Ultra Jump December, 2007. I decided to use it as a cover to Gunnm Last Order volume 11 to save time.

There were two other pictures that I was about to draw, but various hesitations appeared and they were forgotten. I decided to draw, during a bath, a graffiti of the serialization.

A light department establishes a color of an intermediate color/the shade with a chalk brush of the hard opacity in Painter and mixes it with brush… for exclusive use of the coating mixing that does not appear of the color that customized an oil pastel brush.  Then the quite three-dimensional in only around ten minutes; It looked good. This way I drew three pieces of illustrations consecutively in May. I thought it to be the same as the technique of a certain oil painting from old days, but suffered for more than 20 years till I acquired it the experience by myself.

The problem is the surface of the water. In fact, I wanted to run a thing called such [a subject, water and picture coiling itself] by a full color illustration all the time from old days, but it was difficult technically after all and avoided it even if there was a chance to picture with an underwater effect times.

The surface of the water does not have to picture refracted objects underwater  because it reflects the image by backlight. However, it does not change that it is a difficult problem to draw the surface of the water.

I tried examples in photographs, but was unable to find them. Therefore, at the beginning, I began to describe the surface of the water in perception, but it is difficult to take Perth, and the freehand drawing gives it up from a zero.

I made familiar watery effect using a filter of Photoshop by cloud design ? chrome. It is bluish, and is available with a color in a gloomy part like yellow in a bright part in color revision/color balance, and can be available in a perspective; and the placement in the background. I added a color to a gloomy part in Painter and let I painted and mixed it, and an outline with a brush afterwards.
The ripples were made by concentric circle-shaped selection in Photoshop and I saved it and retrieved a selection in Painter and transformed it with a brush and pictured a color in an alpha channel.

Finally, by Photoshop, screen composes a layer of the gradation of the yellow/red towards the screen top and gives an effect such as the transmitted light. I was going to use a little more transmitted light reserve version for the cover of Gunnm Last Order volume 11.

The picture is a symbol of the life, and, as an allegory, the water represents images of the next world and a boundary line of the world.

The Styx is a big river surrounding the Hades in Greek mythology.
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