2.12 - Angel Redux

Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 12.
[Cover title: The Cats Skill]
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Super Nova is impressed. Alita reconstructed her body from zero, way past the limits of a brainchip capabilities.
In Jupiter’s troposphere, the Jovians try to sever the quantum connection with Tunguska, as the system is under attack by unknown super nanomachines, but that is impossible. Alita emerges from Tunguska’s wreckage. Now she has even a tail, perhaps recollecting that she is a cat (what a stupid image, I daresay).

The ZOTT is suspended, and the spectators are on the verge of a riot. Mbadi orders Alita’s arrest, saying that she is a threat to interplanetary peace. Actually, he only intends to confiscate Fata Morgana. Meanwhile, Super Nova requests her brainchip. Mbadi touches Alita’s head, but the resurrected cyborg tears his hand to pieces, declaring an independence war.

Mbadi remembers the year ES 473 on Pluto, when he was a captain and cornered Jean Warez, the most heinous villain in history. Facing a bizarre situation, Mbadi sees Warez himself in a video, instructing him (Mbadi) to expropriate his (Warez’) own brainchip, while his live counterpart begs for mercy. Outlandishly, the man betrays himself, even affirming that if kept alive he would again become a calamity for the world.

Super Nova perceives that Alita’s brainchip and Fata Morgana are fused together, generating a quantum link with Melchizedek. Now she is even operating the Jupiter wormhole reactor. Once again, Super Nova admits that Alita is an indomitable warrior… who can be resurrected from death.

Zekka enters the scene riding Desecrator, adhering the just announced independence war. He classifies Mbadi as an underdog, a loser whose only use is to sign documents.

The stage is entered by a grotesque figure: Pissarro Crié de Vouivre, chief-gesigner of Genome Kingdom. He himself a piece of absurd impressionism, Pissarro introduces his opus: Homme du Feu, a werewolf derived from Zekka’s genes.

Before the cameras of Combat TV, Alita forces Mbadi to guarantee that if her team wins the tournament, Tiphares and The Scrapyard will be recognized as independent nations. The chairman has no option but agreeing.

Later, an enraged Aga Mbadi tramples Tzykrow’s head. The flunkey had been completely incompetent. Super Nova collects the remains of the warrior.

In Ladder Conference Room, Mbadi requires approval to use the Sword of Damocles.

Meanwhile, a parade of outré characters arrive in order to apply for vacancies in Space Karate Allies. Although the team has only four positions, there are over one hundred candidates.

Zekka introduces the palm strike trilobite, an art restricted to a limited number of performers.

While the karatekas dispute, Toji prepares the chado and Alita is invited. The giant remembers when he failed in protecting defenseless children - not because he lacked strength, but because he lacked heart. He then tells Alita a story: The Marvelous Technique of the Old Cat, making us remember that Alita was named after Daisuke’s cat.

Meantime, Rakan, a member of Armor Piercing Karate, a scurrilous character, enters the arena.

The cover:
Software: Adobe PhotoShopCS2, Corel PainterX
Hardware: Power Mac G52GHz dual, memory 6GB, Intuos3PTZ-630, MacOSX Tiger

I drew this illustration for the cover of Gunnm Last Order volume 12.

It is a battle pose of Gally completely revived with a new costume. I decided that I would create a new image of Gally, but was troubled with the stage of the design whether I posted Gally and Mbadi in the back. As the time was extremely limited to illustration work, there was no creation of Gally and Mbadi together after all, and I decided at once. But I also decided to post a like stealth bomber soldier during a drama because the background was desolate. I copied and pasted the picture of the stealth bomber soldier who used it in serialization and I made a selection area for the cause in it and really painted with a color.

The image of Gally’s new costume of  is white. However, it is quite difficult to draw an object in a white color with a color plate. As there was not confidence, I thought whether I would picture the whole screen in a monochrome monotone first, but it would be connected to the nature or I would have pictured it with lots of colors, after all, probably because I usually draw monochromatic comics, which cannot beat the temptation that wants to use the various colors like a kindergartener, if I may describe it in a simple word. I should have assumed a defiant attitude with this style, but I wonder if the important court looks like a white color
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