2.13 - Sans Angel

[Title of Battle Angel Alita, Last Order, volume 13]
[Cover title: Karate Metal]
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Zenith of the Things Tournament. The semi-finals draw near. Pissarro introduce’s Homme du Feu’s special reward in case he wins the tournament: Olympe, a gorgeous, callipygian and buxom girl (actually a gynoid) who names him Igrec (the letter y in French). We are introduced to a narrative of lust and passion. Kishiro masterly narrates a tale of repressed sexuality, showing the desperate beast trying to devour (in all possible senses) the beauty.

Pissarro summons a gathering of monstrosities to enter the arena to face the Space Karate Allies. At the same time, the gesigner tells Olympe his strategy to win the competition, as well as his method to unscrupulously manipulate feelings and expectations to reach his goals.

Rakan is consumed by a hell of breasts, a fantasy made true. Meantime, Taraba’s strikes fragment Pincequeue, and a pincer reaches the ship from which Pissarro and Olympe observe the contention, terrifying the gesigner. Although very accustomed to place his creations in the battlefield, the monster is a coward, shaking in fear.

Meantime, Taraba wonders what sort of beast is Homme du Feu after all, while Pissarro dare disavow Darwin. Always unpredictable, Rakan returns and lacerates Home du Feu.

Desperate, Olympe begs Pissarro to stop the fight, as Homme du Feu is about to die, but the leader reduces the gynoid to her simple rôle as a sex puppet! In the meanwhile, Pissarro welds Homme du Feu’s body to Alduína’s, creating a symbiont: Gargantua. As a matter of fact, Pissarro has forgotten that he created Olympe as a cognizant gynoid - and sometimes it is not somewhat intelligent to hurt the feelings of a thinking being. Olympe uses Pincequeue’s pincer to dilacerate her master’s body, and we learn that the gesigner as we know him is the result of many different creatures that he enslaves in a multiple symbiosis.

A repugnant creature emerges from Pissarro’s remains (probably his real form). The scene is bizarre, to say the least. The abhorrent thing derides Olympe, saying that she is a simple puppet designed to serve men. Ironic, coming from a maggot (in both senses, certainly). He shoots Olympe, trespassing the gynoid with a rose bullet - a poesy in the vituperation.

Seeing the apple of his eyes injured, Homme du Feu breaks the symbiosis, shattering Gargantua into pieces. The maggot tries to run away, but he is impaled and gormandized by the creatures that erstwhile composed Pissarro’s body.

The rosebush destroys Olympe’s body, and a sufferer Homme du Feu says that he does not have any strength left to fight, telling Zekka that the karateka has won. Zekka is touched by what he sees: a werewolf giving his life for a woman, or even, a gynoid - something to be proud of. The karateka declares that both of them were more human than anyone else.

Somewhere else, Zazie passes out.

The cover:
“Metal Karate!” If you decide to paint the first of the suffering that was to allow any part of the band in characters. Loud vocals at the center, a big knife in the ear drum, a treacherous lean guitarist, till the image became easy. I got lost on what to do with the fragment to be cut.
<br />
Archived from Burrn! Research results have to drag out the Journal Archives, and the two found that the guitar is required, but the blade was built too big, and unmatched twin guitars.
<br />
Batchuba. The idea is that from when I was drawing a Gunnm scum old steel town, in the end, because I could not play out, the real draw would be made the first time. Frame around the engine and the model has a Harley, so it was difficult to draw a picture as seen from below with a complex structure. Shade in his 3DCG design and modeling. <br />
 <br />
The program is also right to draw the background Gargantua, I have found the most obscure hidden place for each character. <br />
Eventually, I pictured the band playing against a team of angels and the universe, “Metal Cancer!”
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