2.14 - On the way of journey

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While Toji contemplates the most beautiful of the planets, Sechs thinks about his coming combat against Zekka. Meantime, a menace is around: Elf and Zwölf are cornered by the despicable Rakan.

Yani and Derossi are trying to succor a helpless woman: Zazie, victim of a strange and powerful maneuver - the Verschlag. During a combat on Mars, facing the Neo-Third Reich Division, Zazie was trapped by a merciless künstler, later to be codenamed Frau X. The unbeatable warrior slaughtered Zazie’s subordinates, but decided to let her live after knowing that the monarchist captain had been in contact with an old protégée: Yoko. But the künstler left a time bomb in order to be remembered: the Verschlag, mutilating doctors who tried to help the captain and even her colleague GG.. Alita is able to remove the dangerous implant, but she receives a message: I'm waiting!.

In the virtual world, Arthur’s avatar advises Mbadi: using the sword of Damocles will result in serious consequences. And the chairman is introduced to the karma-space. Then, Mbadi is defeated by a sleeping Alita.

In The Scrapyard, Vector decides to declare independence. No matter the result of ZOTT, he intends to implement a new system on the surface - either his own dictatorship or a democracy.

As the finals approach, many characters witness Alita’s reappearance: Koyomi, Umba, Vector, Kaos, Shumira, Armblessed, Ajakutty and Dokey, in The Scrapyard; Landa Namnan, in Robo-Asyl; Rem Rey, on Leviathan 1; Qu Tsang, Saya and Niz, on Guntroll; Queen Limeira, in the Royal Palace; GG and his underlings in Mars Kingdom Parliament basecamp; Erica, somewhere on Mars; and Caerula Sanguis, somewhere in space. Let the final match of the 10th Z.O.T. Tournament begin!
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