3.01 - Battle Angel OVA

(also subheaded Hunter Warrior)
Battle Angel is an OVA based on the Battle Angel Alita manga by Yukito Kishiro.
The OVA is comprised of two episodes, Rusty Angel and Tears Sign, that serve as a compressed preview for the manga. They correspond respectively to volumes 1 and 2 of the manga, with some differences. According to Kishiro, only two episodes were originally planned. At the time, he was too busy with the manga “to review the plan coolly”, nor was he serious about an anime adaptation. There are no plans to revive the anime.

The OVA spawned a memorable soundtrack including the theme song and Cyborg Mermaid. Although it received a lukewarm reception in Japan, U.S. critics held it to be one of the best anime to be translated and brought to America in the 1990s. Manga Entertainment’s UK and Australian version is just a single movie.

Rusty Angel:...............28:58
Tears Sign:..................29:00

You will find the DVD here: http://dharkosub.forospanish.com/login.forum?redirect=forum-f20/topic-t26.htm.
The video is dubbed in Japanese, English and Spanish, while someone repeats the Japanese dialogues in Russian. The subtitles are in English, Spanish and Russian.You have to register in order to download the DVD, but it is free.
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