3.02 - Motorball CG Movie

A 3 minute 3D-computer-generated imagery rendered movie clip is included in volume 6 of the Japanese Gunnm: Complete Edition. It showcases Alita in a Third League motorball race with players from two of her races such as Armor Togo, Degchalev, and Valdicci, and depicts events from both of those races.

It is available here: http://www.rippersanime.com/Anime.php

The cover:
Title: Next Generator
Software: Shade Pro R4, Illustrator8.0, Photoshop5.0

At the first, I planned to make 3DCG of Den and Gally for a cover of Gunnm Complete Edition volume 6, but because of lack of time, I gave up 3DCG modeling of Den. And also I did not have enough time to deliberate about composition, so I carried on 3DCG modeling thinking about composition at the same time.

To make an impact not by composition and quantity of 3DCG objects, I used two primary colors, blue and red, which makes strong contrast. Gally’s suit is originally black, but I changed it purple to be conspicuous in blue background. Painting hand-drawn picture as usual, such an arrangement of colors is almost out of thought. Using a new function of Shade R4 surface light source, I made soft shadow effect.

But there were many light sources that make rendering-time very long. Considering from a result of test-rendering, it proved that final-rendering would take about one week. To save time, I decided not to use anti aliasing function of Shade. And for smoothing, I made rendering image size a little bigger, and reduced it to adequate size using Photoshop. Rendering-time shortened to 3 days.
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