4.01 - Kasei no kioku

[in English, Martian memory or Memory of Mars]
Title of a Playstation game released only in Japanese.
It can be downloaded from Ripper's Anime. All documentation in English is also available.
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The cover: [title: Angel of Space]
Software: Photoshop3.0, Painter3, Livepicture

This is an illustration for a package of the Playstation game Gunnm memory of Mars.

I spent an entire month  to make it.
To put the wing in the screen, I have the size of the screen. Finally, this picture has become a huge size that exceeds B3. (Annotation by the original translator: The B3 size is a standard of the form used in Japan. B3 size: 364x515mm; about 14.33~20.28 in.)

I drew even textures of one per one of parts of the body in this picture. After all, after it prints, the part written in detail has become meaningless without being reproduced. This is a work that left lots of problems and lessons.
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