6.01 - The Useless Skill

On April 4, 1997 a Gunnm novel was released by JUMP j-BOOKS, a part of the Japanese publisher Shueisha.
There is no available translation from Japanese, as far as I could identify, so the novel remains unknown.

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Written by Yasuhisa Kawamura

After Gunnm was over and complete in Japan; Yukito Kishiro and an artist who helped with finishing his work wrote a novel based on the first graphic novel.

‘First, intro of new character, a female mercenary whose trademark weapon is a superheated blade that swings out from her calf, and she kicks/slashes people with it. Her personality is sort of cruel and anarchistic. Ido finds Gally. It gives more detail of the emotions involved. Gally tries to follow Ido to find out why he goes out at night. She gets stopped by a group of prostitutes because she has the arms of one of their missing. Turns out there is a serial killer and they think it is her, but when they attack her she defends herself and she realizes that occurrences gave her a glimpse into her past. At that time, she meets the female, named Calco. Then she decides to become a hunter warrior and Calco helps her. Then right away they bump into a big cy-thug who Gally bumped into the other night. Calco thinks its a good way for Gally to start her new career, and she also secretly invites Ido to come. Gally wins the fight. The prostitute sent to invite Ido is killed by the serial killer in the meantime. Then, when Calco gets home she is attacked by the serial killer, and loses because she used up her energy cartridge taking care of the thug’s peons. Ack! Okay! Okay, so then Gally sees this crazy old guy who has this mannequin he thinks is his daughter. He’s blind. Gally tries to talk sense into him. When he realizes it is not his daughter talking, he gets angry, then he changes bodies (to the mannequins) and they fight and she wins. I think that is about it. Not fabulous, but not bad.’
[Information from http://www.geocities.com/bjaccobs3/034.html, edited]

The cover:
It is Painter3, PhotoShop3.

An illustration for jump-Jay books novelization of Gunnm.
A historical fact in classic Zhuangzi Chinese with the useless skill of the title.
The story that I learned is about the skill to kill a dragon through hardships, but was not able to use because a dragon did not exist. Actually I say useless technology even if I learn it.
It was thought that there was much technique like the useless skill at the start in the history in Panzer Kunst, but later the cyborgs practically came to be helpful by technical progress.
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