Aga Mbadi

(also Mbati)
The minister who receives Alita when she arrives in Ketheres.
He is the high technocrat minister and Ladder assistant chairman. Actually, he acts the real influent man in Ladder, reducing the chairman Yajnik to an insignificant position. He will become the greatest scoundrel in the story.

Aga Mbadi is known as Trinidad because he has the brainchips of three Tipharean geniuses inside his own head. Mbadi has more power and hidden agendas than most realize. Officially a supporter of the Mars Kingdom Parliament, he had Queen Limeira’s father assassinated for yet undisclosed reasons. He directs the development of the transhuman world and the cooperation between the powers of the solar system. Ladder’s military forces including its interplanetary peacekeepers and special forces who use stealth camouflage to make themselves invisible also fall under his command. Part of his rise to power appears to have been because of a mission to Pluto in which he appeared to be the sole survivor. Mbadi had a previously close relationship with Caerula Sanguis that has not yet been fully revealed. The two were once friends, and Mbadi knows quite a great deal about Caerula’s background and her capabilities as a type-v mutant. This relationship however has since evolved into one of mutual hostility, and both now seek to kill each other. Mbadi attempted to kill Alita and her companions after capturing Desty Nova soon after they arrived in Ketheres by ejecting them into space, but they were rescued by Ping Wu. He takes an interest in the Space Angels after they enter the Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). Mbadi is a powerful hacker and the only one who is a match for Ping. He can hack into cyborgy bodies by just being in the same room as his targets, but in Alita’s case, requires direct contact. He is a master of yoga and the ancient martial art of kalaripayattu.
[Wikipedia, edited]
[He enters in Last Order, volume 3, Angel Eternal, page 12]

Note: Mbadi John Ng’ongo is a Kenyan politician. Aga Mbadi is probably his descendent.
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