Desty Nova

A Tipharean scientist who saved Makaku’s life, transforming him in the single-headed monster.
[Hyper Future Vision, volume 1, Rusty Angel, page 239].
He made Jashugan’s powerful body and also transformed Zapan in a frightening exterminator.
His name is finally revealed by Jashugan in Hyper Future Vision, volume 4, Angel of Victory, page 107.

His advanced knowledge in nanotechnology made him virtually immortal - or, better defining, infinitely resurrectable.
When he reveals the secret of Tiphares, he flings the population in the midair city into anarchy and lawlessness.
A strange item in his personality is that he is addict to flan.
As far as the story develops, Nova gains importance and influence.
Besides Alita, he is the only character from Hyper Future Vision who is also present in Last Order in a prominent rôle.
Please note that in Kasei no kioku his name is spelled Desty Nove.

Note: A nova (plural novae) is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion caused by the accretion of hydrogen onto the surface of a white dwarf star. Novae are not to be confused with type Ia supernovae, or another form of stellar explosion.
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