Era Sputnik

The calendar in Ketheres, established by Arthur Farrell.
Standard dating system used in space.
The year the first artificial satellite Sputnik was launched into space (1957) marks the first year.
Based on the period of Earth’s revolution around the Sun.
[The calendar details are given in Last Order, volume 3, Angel Eternal, page 56; Arthur establishes the calendar in volume 9, Angel’s Duty, page 174]

The details below list the events in the story according to Kudos Guide.

0001957Sputnik 1 is launched
0552011 the geocatastrophy which turns Earth into the barren wasteland we know and love
0652021 beginning of Last Order, volume 8, Angel’s Vision; the cognites reach New York City
0692025 the cognites destroy Farrell’s Shelter
1262082Cognites arrive to the Bloody Shelter; Vilma and Byron’s final fight; Merlin activates itself
1732129Vilma resurrects, first rocket launch of Star City
1782134Rada dies
1882144first prototype orbital elevator launched
1912147Arthur Farrell dies
2352191Mars is colonized
2502206Venus is colonized
3692325the start of the Interplanetary War (the one Yoko fights in)
3872343the end of the Interplanetary War
4502406Ping Wu arrives at Robo-Asyl
5762532Koyomi is born; Ido finds Alita [AK 0]
5782534Alita and Hugo fall in love; Hugo dies; Alita plays motorball [AK 2]
5802536Alita and Zapan battle [AK 4]
5902546Tuned Alita; end of Barjack War; battle at the Granite Inn; Alita dies [AK 14]
5912547Nova revives Alita in Tiphares, Last Order starts [AK 15]

I have just one observation about this chronology made by the guys in Kudos: brilliant!

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