Frank Miller

American graphic novelist.

Miller revolutionized Marvel universe after recovering Daredevil.
In DC Comics, he made a fantastic and worldwidely applauded work with Batman.
He also wrote 300 (recently filmed by Zack Snyder), Ronin, Sin City (filmed by Robert Rodriguez and himself) and Give me Liberty - An American Dream (magnifically illustrated by Dave Gibbons).
Miller is an influence in Kishiro’s work.

Kudos Guide points out something that I should have noticed before, obvious as it is:

a) [Hyper Future Vision, volume 7, Angel of Chaos, page 27 and successive ones - The fight between Alita and the ninjas is an almost exact copy of one in Frank Miller’s Elektra Lives Again story. Kishiro pays tribute to one of his inspirations. (Quotation shown in http://blog.adlo.es/2007/08/swipe_of_the_week_22feb1999_yukito_kishiro_vs_Frank Millerl)
b) The art style of Ashen Victor borrows heavily from Frank Miller, particularly that of his acclaimed film noir comic series, Sin City. (Illustrations are Kishiro’s to the left and Miller’s to the right.)
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Also, Haruka, Arthur Farrell’s fiancée (Last Order, volume 8, Angel’s Vision), is a typical Millerian character. Her unique loveliness entices the readership, and then she is brutally destroyed, making us despair. Miller’s spitefulness is sometimes disgustful.
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