Friedrich Wilheim Nietzsche

German philosopher, poet, and critic, noted esp. for his concept of the superman and his rejection of traditional Christian values. His chief works are The Birth of Tragedy (1872), Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883-91), and Beyond Good and Evil (1886)
[Collins English Dictionary]

Nietzsche is quoted in:

a) Hyper Future Vision, volume 1, Rusty Angel, pages 74-75 - Makaku refers to him (the mind is nothing but a plaything of the body), what does not make sense once he grew up in the sewer, without schools or libraries. (Note: according to the Brazilian edition, there is no evidence that Nietzsche ever said that, although such a belief is very common in Japan.)

According to Burning Angel, "The Mind is nothing but a Plaything of the Body" is actually a paraphrase (or misquote) of "The awakened, the enlightened man says: I am body entirely, and nothing beside; and soul is only a word for something in the body. Your body is a great intelligence... Your little intelligence, brother, which you call "spirit", is also an instrument of your body, a little instrument and toy of your great intelligence" from Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra. It's actual meaning is that the mind and soul are completely illusory products of one's physical brain and body.

b) Hyper Future Vision, volume 1, Rusty Angel, page 146 - Alita replies to Makaku that they are not beyond good and evil. Coming from Kishiro, it is not a simple coincidence.
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