Jean Warez

(also Vares or Valles)
The most heinous villain in history, he was defeated on Pluto by Mbadi.
[As Doturov68 informs in Last Order, volume 3, Angel Eternal, page 86]

Born under the gene project, he was the second scientist from Tiphares to be selected. From ES year 469 to 472, he was involved in a series of nanomachine terrorist acts, in which more than 12 million people lost their lives, becoming the worst criminal in history. Later, this period of terrorism was referred to as Warez Hazard.
[This is described in Last Order, volume 12, Angel Redux, page 54; Mbadi refers to him in Last Order, volume 11, Angel Cake, page 42]

Note: Jean is the French language version of John, meaning God is gracious. This is a sort of irony, as Warez refers to software illegally distributed on the Internet.
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