Panzer Kunst

[German, literally armored-arts]
Said to be the most powerful of the various fighting techniques developed for humanoid cyborgs.
It is a martial art originally developed on Mars and vanished two hundred years ago.

Panzer Kunst was the first fighting style developed for use by cyborgs and it emphasizes combat against ranged weapons as well as combat in zero gravity (and as an extension, fighting in mid-air free fall). Panzer Kunst seems to emphasize speed as well as the use of vibration to cause damage to a foes limbs. The art is also quite effective against larger foes. It is most probable that many smaller schools existed within Panzer Kunst, so far the only style that seems to have survived is the Mauser School which use the Ellbogen-Blatt or twin elbow blades.
[Ido identifies it in Hyper Future Vision, volume 1, Rusty Angel, page 28]
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