Queen Limeira

Representative of Mars Kingdom Parliament, she is invited by Aga Mbadi to talk to Ladder about the guerrilla on Mars.
Always in company of the strange teddy bear König, she will be a defender of children in Leviathan I.
[She enters in Last Order, volume 3, Angel Eternal, page 93]

In the French edition, her name is mistransliterated Limeyla.

A curiosity: The name Limeira (lime tree), as well as Oliveira (olive tree), Macieira (apple tree), Pereira (pear tree), Mangueira (mango tree), Castanheira (chestnut tree) and other fructiferous tree names, was originally adopted in sixteenth century by Portuguese New Christians, Jews converted to Christianity, when they had to abandon their tribalistic surnames. In many cases such conversions were not exactly motivated by effective faith, as Portuguese Jews were forbidden to emigrate to Brazil and, so, they would convert (that is, it was both necessary and convenient). Nowadays such surnames are ordinary in Brazil, but they are not used by Jews (Brazilian Jews have Jewish surnames), although it is obvious that such Christians are descendants of the immigrated Portuguese Jews. Anyway, it is really interesting that the bastion of human dignity has a New Christian surname. Additionally, if we look to her face, we must agree that she does have a Semitic ancestry.

Finally, we should remember that the guerrilla on Mars is carried out by Nazi groups as Mars Front der Befreien and Mars Republik Heer. I believe Kishiro still has a few tricks up his sleeve. And I also have a question: what is Yoko’s ancestry?
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