The Scrapyard

(Kuzutetsu, in Japanese original)
The home of the forsaken, where Hyper Future Vision takes place; a junkyard just beneath Tiphares.

The Scrapyard (Kuzutetsu, scrap iron) is a sprawling expanse of buildings and other structures centered around a massive scrap heap. The heap consists of detritus ejected from the floating city of Tiphares, which is anchored to the ground by huge cables which also serve as supply tubes. The only law is Factory Law: rules contrived to protect Tipharean interests in food and basic resources that are supplied from the Factories below. For example, air travel within close proximity to Tiphares (this includes both man made objects and animal life) is prohibited. Anything that breaches this particular law is shot down by the floating city’s defense system.

The Scrapyard reflects the cyberpunk ethos. Many inhabitants have became cyborgs working for the factories, while others use cybernetics to enhance their physical abilities. Firearms are outlawed; non-projectile weapons are permitted and exist in great variety. Public entertainment is of a violent nature; motorball’s fusion of racing and gladiatorial combat is a prime example. Fights erupt spontaneously on the streets. Violent criminals lurk in shadowy alleyways and through the tremendous extent of the sewers.
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