[Latin name, Venus; Japanese name, Kinsei]
one of the inferior planets and the second nearest to the Sun, visible as a bright morning or evening star. Its surface is extremely hot (over 400°C) and is completely shrouded by dense cloud. The atmosphere is principally carbon dioxide.

Mean distance from Sun: 108 million km;
period of revolution around Sun: 225 days;
period of axial rotation: 244.3 days (retrograde motion);
diameter and mass: 96.5 and 81.5 per cent that of earth respectively
[Collins English Dictionary]

Originally, Venus is the Roman goddess of love, associated to Greek Aphrodite.

République Vénus

ES 242: first Venusian space colony built in orbit.
ES 250: République Vénus, consisting of several colonial states, founded. Terraforming projects progress. Planet has mean surface temperature over 400ºC, 90mm hectogram atmospheric pressure, and a sky covered by a dense cloud of sulfuric gas.
Construction of huge solar shield at the Lagrange point cools atmosphere, with current surface temperatures of -50ºC. Ownership of Enceladus, the icy satellite required for final stages of terraforming, in dispute with Jupiter Union - thus terraforming only half finished.
[As informed in Last Order, volume 3, Angel Eternal, page 77]

Please observe that in the story the Venusians have French origin. They are also anthropophagites. If Kishiro meant to make a joke with French famous haute cuisine, he was tactless.
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