These are all the volumes to which the members of Ripper's Anime forum have had access up to now. The manga and the videogame are available in the site. The soundtracks and the animations can be downloaded through torrent clients.

The manga: 
Below you can find the complete list of all the volumes already published in the chronological order of the events (not in the order of publication, although the volumes of Hyper Future Vision and Last Order are chronologically published). Please note that the abbreviations HFV, LO and ESt refer to Hyper Future Vision, Last Order and Extra Stories, respectively. Also please observe that the Extra Stories are listed here according to the editions published by Glénat, as there is no English language edition (besides the ones available in Ripper's Anime, obviously). They are collected from a series of special editions with different subjects, and there is no Extra Story # 2. If you have not read the volumes yet, you are strongly recommended to avoid reading these synopses.

The titles in parentheses are the original Japanese titles, in the case of Hyper Future Vision, or the cover title, in the case of Extra Stories and Last Order. It would be interesting to know why Kishiro has entitled everything in English.

Ashen Victor (Haisha)
Sweet Night (Holy Night) - ESt 1
Rusty Angel (Rusty Angel) - HFV1
Tears of an Angel (Iron Maiden) - HFV2
Killing Angel (Killing Angel) - HFV3
Angel of Victory (Ars Magna) - HFV4
The Sonic Finger (Killing Angel) - ESt 3
Angel of Redemption (Lost Sheep) - HFV5
Angel of Death (Rain Maker) - HFV6
Homecoming (Gally in the tube) - ESt 4
Angel of Chaos (Panzer Bride) - HFV7
Fallen Angel (War Chronicle) - HFV8
Angel’s Ascension (Conquest) - HFV9
Angel Reborn (Gally, Vertical Fist) - LO01
Angel of the Innocents (Air Hole) - LO02
Bashaku Ando: Another Story (Barjack Girl)
Angel Eternal (March of Robots Queen) - LO03
Angel of Protest (Bullet Wound) - LO04
Haunted Angel (Let the Battle Begin!) - LO05
The Angel & the Vampire (Soul Survivor) - LO06
Guilty Angel (The shell breaks) - LO07
Angel’s Vision (Vampire combat force) - LO08
Angel’s Duty (The Rebirth) - LO09
Angel goes Nova (Jack in!!) - LO10
Angel Cake (Water of Styx) - LO11
Angel Redux (The Cat’s Skill) - LO12
Sans Angel (Karate Metal) - LO13
On the way of journey - LO14

The animations:

Battle Angel OVA

Motorball CG Movie


The Playstation videogame:

Kasei no kioku


The soundtracks:

Gunnm: Image Album

Gunnm: Another Story


The novel:

The Useless Skill


The summaries:


Dossier: Gunnm

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