Z.O.T. Tournament


Short for zenith of things, it began as an experiment to see how robots would be against trained soldiers.
The tournament was established in ES 491.
[As explained in Last Order, volume 3, Angel Eternal, page 71]

Schema developed by Cailon:

Z.O.T Tournament rules:

· Five players per team. All players may fight simultaneously.
· No limit to the number of weapons.
· Gunpowder allotment = 5% of the total weight of all players on a team.
· Player height range: 5cm to 50m. Weight limit: 500 tons.
· Players must be fully autonomous robots, cyborgs or humans. Remote control from outside the battlefield is not permitted.
· Battle time = 60min. The battle is over when all members of a team are incapacitated, dead or forfeit.
[As detailed in volume 4, Angel of Protest, page 182]
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